Buchi Bar: Under Construction!

Buchi Bar: Under Construction!

Have you been hearing strange noises at Rosetta’s Kitchen during your afternoon lunch? Have you noticed that we have closed due to construction? Well here is why, the much anticipated Buchi Bar is making progress. Of course there have been challenges and we have had to readjust our timing a bit as we go, but finally the permits and finances are falling into place and we are proud to have started making some strides in the construction process.
After doing the demolition and gutting of JC’s Auto, we have begun to rebuild! Our very own Jack has been leading up the charge with Dwight Hawkins (local musician and builder) and Fran Lane (our Contractor from Tilt). Together they are building our sweet new location from the ground up.

In the last few weeks the plumbing system has been laid out with careful planning for each sink, drain and bathroom. That was followed by laying out the concrete throughout the building with a special footprint inlayed for the semicircle bar we have purchased.

The bar itself has been remodeled and was given a beautiful textured finish on the counter top. We actually had to bring it in to lay down the footprint, and then bring it back out. Now it is permanently fixed in place. We are just waiting to get the bar’s countertop back in and placed onto the bar.

We have the framing for the walls in place now as well. You can see the bathrooms, the dish station, and the porch all as if you have x-ray eyes. Along with this process we are laying out our ducts for air and the electrical grid is also beginning to get laid out. Our next step will be our purchasing and then placing our new equipment for the bar, and building our amazing Aquarium in the back of the bar.

At some point in the near future we will have to briefly close Rosetta’s Kitchen to add our new Dumbwaiter system! So please forgive us if we have to close down now and again as we make these steps toward expansion. Next time you are in The Kitchen for a bite to eat and you are wondering what that sound is remember it is the sound of progress! Stay tuned for updates on the Buchi Bar, a place for delicious cocktails (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic), opening this spring!

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the Buchi Bar’s Nutritive Cocktails we are still open to suggestions while we build our menu. See you soon!