Asheville's Whole-Foods Kitchen & Cafe

We are downtown Asheville's whole-foods kitchen & cafe. We serve lunch, dinner, late night, and Sunday brunches as well as our whole menu. We have been open since 2002 and have been serving our extended family, friends, and wanderer throughers, creative vegetarian and vegan soul foods out of our colorful space at a brisk pace all these years.

We have hosted hundreds of benefits, art shows, and musicians, we have fed the homeless, the wealthy, a good handful of celebrities, and everyone in between.

We have nourished everyone who has passed through our doors in the best ways we know how... We are owned by the Wezeltown tribe, managed by a handful of dedicated employees who are currently working on a plan to become a collectively operated business. The hard working staff, that almost seems to live at the Kitchen, are a dedicated bunch that only put up with the cramped space and constant chaos because of a love for food and/or the philosophy of the establishment. .

We are frequented by a constant flow of creative souls of a wide spectrum, foodies, health nuts, vegans, vegetarians, and curious tourists. Please stop in, say hello, and allow us to feed you. It is always an honor.